Ulead GIF Animator Lite Edition

Ulead GIF Animator Lite Edition 1.0

Ulead GIF animator Lite edition is a complete animated GIF and banner creator

Ulead GIF animator Lite edition is a very complete animated GIF and banner creator.
Animated GIFs and banners are built from still images that are, in turn, created from another programs (MS Paint BMP or GIF) and this application will put them together and make them work as an animated GIF or banner.

The application user interface is very intuitive and easy to use. It's just a matter of dragging and dropping files onto an interface panel. Those images are added to the list of frames of the future animation. It is interesting that the 'frames' to be all the same size (dimension). Color palettes are completely controlled by the user.

User can set the images interval for being displayed, one on top of another or once the previous image has been erased. This will adjust the GIF animation speed. The result animation file can be preview before saving.

Another way of creating GIF animations is to start from a single image. The application includes commands for rotating, flipping, cropping and duplicating the original one and to get new pictures to add to the animation.

When including text, the user can select font, font size, movement direction, delay, time between texts, scroll effect, movement speed, etc.

The application offers transition effects to apply between frames, and also the possibility of automatically reducing the output result size, after performing several difference analysis, reducing so portions that can be redundant in each frame and tweaks the color palettes. The output file size is optimized.

The result can be directly added to a web page or used as an stand alone GIF file.

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  • Very useful application for creating animated GIFs and Banners. Very good 'Getting started' information


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